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Gypsy’s & Traveller’s
Christian Traveller's
There is a parable in Luke's Gospel in which the invited guests
have all turned down the banquet, so the poor and the lame are
asked in instead. But there is still room to spare, so the Lord's
servant is told to go out on the roads and into the lanes and find
more people.
One group of Christians that has taken this verse to heart more
than any other are Gypsy's & Irish Traveller's. For more than
1,000 years they have considered highways, lanes, fields and
hedges their homes.
Life & Light began 40 years ago in France. A Gypsy  boy was healed when his mother
went for prayers but the local church later refused him entry because he was a Gypsy and
so he got the calling to to go and reach the Gypsy people, and the Lord touched his life.
"I would just like people to know we are not
trying to take over Great Britain, we only
want to be left alone and to, serve God.
Ivor Church, South Bucks
Life and Light  Gypsy Church,
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0116 239 3648
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